Spruce Ridge Community School in Durham may be a great school for your children. Sending your children to the public school can be a significant way to get into the community and meet school staff and parents. We want you to have the freedom to choose this option, but we also want to communicate some of the differences between our program and the public school. As you decide whether or not to send your children to Spruce Ridge or any of the local high schools, you should consider the following points.

  • Emanate’s calendar does not coincide with the public school’s calendar. Emanate begins the last week of August and the public school usually begins after Labour day. The public school also doesn’t finish until late in June. These differences create a conflict with our orientation in August and with the Jungle Camp practicum in June. You will also need to communicate with the school, especially if you decide to pull your child(ren) out early for Jungle Camp as this could interfere with exams, which is of particular concern for older children. Spring breaks do line up and are normally not an issue. Emanate is willing to work with you on options, but may not be able to accommodate all requests.
  • Emanate’s daily schedule does not coincide with the public school’s schedule. Our classes begin at 8:00 am and Spruce Ridge at 8:50. Free transportation on the school bus is available for those living on the campus. However, parents would need to make sure younger children were safely on and off the bus. Bus pick-up is usually at some point during the Biblical Worldview class. Families could possibly rotate this responsibility.
  • Snow days. There are not many days when the public school is actually closed. However, there are a few snow days when buses aren’t running. This means the children either stay at home or the parents need to get them to school themselves.
  • Professional Activity days. There are usually about six PA days each school year. This would be similar to snow days except that one would know the dates ahead of time. You would need to plan for your child’s supervision on these days either with a babysitter or by missing class yourself to care for them.
  • The cost for attending public school in Ontario can be expensive for non-Canadian citizens. If you are not Canadian, you will need to contact the schools for more information. If you are Canadian it is a free option.

If you have questions about the public schools, please talk to us or contact the schools directly.

Elementary School:

Spruce Ridge Community School
239 Kincardine Street
Durham, ON N0G 1R0
Phone: 519–369–2217

High Schools:

John Diefenbaker Senior School
181 7th Street
Hanover, ON N4N 1G7
Phone: 519–364–3770


Grey Highlands
P.O. Box 460
Flesherton, ON N0G 1E0
Phone: 519–924–2721