The Academy is an important part of preparing families for years of overseas ministry.

Reason for Existence

It was necessary to establish our own private school for three reasons:

  1. Enrolment in the public school system is too costly for non-Canadian families in the Emanate Training.
  2. Many of our students have been home schooled and their parents who are training to be missionaries are here temporarily. The adjustments are so much easier in a small, private school setting where we can be in daily contact with parents.
  3. The truths of God’s Word and Christian values are of utmost importance.

Purpose Statement

The purpose of Ethnos Academy is to support the efforts of Ethnos Canada by providing quality education from a Christian perspective for the children of Ethnos personnel and children of students in Emanate.

Philosophy of Education

As we teach Academics at Ethnos Academy we attempt to care for the heart of each student, and in co-operation with parents, are preparing children for life. We provide our students with a biblically based education that develops the mind, nurtures the soul, and shapes the character. We endeavour to work closely with parents to support their responsibility in providing an education for their children. We emphasize the development of the total person: academically, spiritually, physically and socially.

The Academy schedule coincides with the Emanate training schedule.

Please read the Academy Handbook to answer questions in regard to finances, school schedule, etc. or email

For pictures please download the Academy Yearbook.