Today, hundreds and hundreds of language groups have yet to hear of the life-changing message of Jesus. Many of these last people groups are in difficult to reach places on our planet. Whether isolated by geography, cultural and linguistic barriers or hostility to the message of Christ, God’s heart is for these people to know and worship him in truth.

Emanate prepares individuals and families to shine the light of Jesus as cross-cultural church planters. For most Christians, engaging other cultures in conversations about Jesus is difficult. Leaving home and family is challenging, and families must give up much of what they have taken for granted.

God's Word

26% of all people groups don't have the Bible.


Unreached People Groups

42% of all people groups are still unreached


Each person studying at Emanate is immersed in the Word of God, discovering what it means to be disciples. They are challenged by teachers who know what it’s like to live in a culture they have not grown up in. The tasks they will be assigned to will be difficult, as they are asked to be a light in a culture that rejects Jesus – purposefully sacrificing for the sake of the Gospel.

Emanate is much more than a mission’s training program – Emanate changes lives.

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