We are called to be the light of the world – for if you hide that light under a basket, how will people see His truth? But the task Jesus has called us to is hard. Going and planting churches in remote regions of the world means we will have to give up things we take for granted. Planting a church will take commitment, hard work and the grace of God.

Emanate, the training program of Ethnos Canada, exists to equip servants of the church. While you will study books and theories, you are not only at a school, but part of a community working to prepare for the task Jesus has given. While we have professors and teachers, they are not simply academics. They are men and women who have experienced missions first hand. We aim to give both sound missiology, as well as practical application that is based on over forty years of training experience.

While you live on the Emanate campus, you are not isolated, but encouraged to engage in the local community and churches by sharing the light of Jesus with families waiting to hear the Good News and encouraging the family of God.

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