Rediscover the cornerstones of the gospel in the Old Testament as you engage with the ancient narrative of the scriptures. Reinforce your understanding of God’s great redemption plan from Creation and through the life of Christ. Be refreshed daily by the transforming power of the Word of God as we walk through the Bible together.

Semester 1

North American Worldview Analysis 

Discover the underlying beliefs and assumptions that drive the attitudes and views on life within North American Culture. Learn how they develop and how they affect our behaviours. 

Foundations of Grace :

Beginning with the importance of absolute truth as a starting point, explore theology and methodology that will equip you to understand and communicate a clear gospel of grace both at home and in cross-cultural contexts. Examine key biblical terminology used and at times misused in popular Christian culture. Discover the pitfalls that the North American church planter is vulnerable to and learn how they can be overcome in a cross cultural context.   

Semester 2

Foundations of the Believer: Follow the narrative of Scripture through the birth and growth of the church in the book of Acts and see the story extended to eternity in Revelation. Then go back and rediscover the transformation that takes place within the life of the believer. Reinforce your understanding of your position in Christ through Paul’s letters to the Romans and Ephesians.

The Interpretive Journey: The Bible is an ancient book. Is it still relevant and applicable to the 21st century believer? Overcome the cultural and literary hurdles that hinder our understanding of the Bible and learn to apply it’s timeless principles in any context and situation.

Semester 3

Foundations of the Church: Christ promised to build his church but he didn’t say it would be easy. Journey through Paul’s epistles and identify the struggles of the early church as it spread throughout the ancient world. Discover the timeless principles that God has given to the church in his Word.