At Emanate, our students enjoy a campus that is a blend of full time staff at Ethnos Canada’s headquarters, Emanate staff and fellow classmates. Equipping is done in the context of this small community that is committed to cross cultural church planting. Over the eighteen months of equipping, students will form many lifelong friendships. In summer, the large pond and trails provide opportunities for fun. Winter is also filled with sledding, skating and winter walks.

Emanate’s campus is located in a wonderful small town in rural Ontario. One or our goals is for students to take time to get to know their new home town and its people. We suggest that all of our students find ways to get involved in local activities or find ways to serve the local community. As followers of Christ, it is our calling and privilege to be a light to those who live without Christ.

During your time at Emanate, you will be encouraged to find a local church within the first weeks of being here. You will never find another church like the one you came from, but there are many churches within driving distance of the campus. Local churches love to have Emanate students in their congregations and students will find themselves building lasting friendships with new brothers and sisters in Christ. Becoming part of a local congregation while at Emanate will be your first opportunity of many for those who hope to be church planters overseas, desiring to build up God’s church wherever it is found.

We hope that you will value your time at Emanate and that the life outside of the class will be equally as beneficial as the course.