Emanate Students

Nathan and Emily

A new group of students has entered our training centre! We couldn’t be more excited about this answer to prayer as we have interacted with the 12 new students. We want to share our excitement […]

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Stepping Out

Today we wrapped up our kick off meetings for another year at Emanate training. We had a great time together reconnecting after the summer and getting ready for another new year! Our returning students […]

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Life in Transitions – The Chens

Derek and Chantal Chen are in their final semester at Emanate. While they look forward to what God has for them in the future, they know that there are many more transitions to come.

“Missionary […]

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This past week I had an opportunity to interview Cam, another of the new Emanate students. It is always neat to see single men choosing to serve the Lord on the mission field and […]

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Brad and Stephanie

Over the next few weeks we will be introducing you to our new students through short interviews. The first student couple I decided to interview was Brad and Stephanie. Stephanie is someone I knew very […]

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New students prepare to serve

A new semester has begun, and a fresh group of students is here, ready to dive in and prepare for their future sharing the Good News with unreached people groups. This year the new […]

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Choosing to Use the Church

“How is it that God would chose to bring the greatest story ever told to those who’ve never heard? He chose to use the church! What an awesome privilege we have to be involved […]

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What’s Your Statement?

Reading through Paul’s letters, one can easily see that this man lived with purpose. Paul was a man of intensity. When he was a Pharisee, he studied the law with zeal. When he became […]

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