About Todd

My wife and I grew up about 45 minutes away from each other in Maryland, U.S, but met at a dinner for international students in Milwaukee, WI. From the beginning of our marriage, we have had a burden for unreached people groups. We recently joined the staff here at Ethnos Canada, and we feel privileged to play just a part in equipping missionaries and their families for cross-cultural ministry.

Where Are They Now? Paul & Ellen Swenson

Do you ever wonder what happens to our students after they leave Emanate? What are they up to now? Where did they go? Was coming here worth it to them? Let’s hear from the […]

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Where Are They Now? Nathan & Emily Willems

Is taking the time to go to Emanate for training really worth it? Does it make a difference for those that go onto the field? Let’s hear from another family who graduated from Emanate, […]

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Where Are They Now? Garran & Hannah Dick

The world we live in is huge. It has hundreds of countries, thousands of languages and billions of people. We know that God loves each of these people uniquely, and that heaven rejoices […]

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Where Are They Now? Dennis & Valerie Easton

Sometimes when people think of missionaries, they put them on a pedestal and think that they are somehow different from anyone else in the church, but this is not true! They are all […]

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Where Are They Now? Derek & Chantal Chen

God hasn’t promised us an easy task; in fact, serving Him may involve considerable difficulty. And this difficulty is multiplied when you find yourself in a setting outside of your own culture and language. […]

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Where Are They Now? Brandon & Heather Young

Emanate exists to “equip servants of the church.”

Equip them for what? Equip them in what way? Perhaps we can take a little “trip around the world” to check in with some […]

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Is It Worth It?

Emanate graduation is almost here: Friday, December 13th! Departing from training here will be a big time of change for our graduates, bringing with it many reflections and heartfelt emotions. Here is […]

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Lessons in Tone

What goes into learning a language and a culture? How do you even start? That is what students have been talking about in Emanate’s Culture and Language Acquisition (CLA) class. We […]

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The Truth of Translation

NIV. KJV. NASB. ESV. NLT. Do these sound familiar to you? Many of you know that these are different translations of the Bible – and you’re likely familiar with one or more […]

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Why Study Culture? (2)

In our last blog, we began discussing the importance of learning the culture of a people group. Emanate students recently learned lessons from veteran church planters who served among the “P” people of […]

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