About Lauren

My husband and I are on MTC Canada's mobilization team. Along with our 1-year-old son, our desire for the future is to plant a church in an unreached people group in Asia-Pacific.

An American in Durham

I didn’t realize that I could come to love another culture as much as my own!
Who knew that after living here in Canada for three years that I would feel just as at home […]

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“We are your new big family”

Wes and Tenley Jank, alumnis of Canada, spent two years of waiting on the Lord and His plan before they finally arrived in Paraguay on September 3rd.

Even after training and preparing for church […]

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Inspired: William Tyndale

In the 1380s a man named John Wycliffe translated the New Testament (and some parts of the Old Testament) from Latin into Middle English. Why? Because he believed that people should be permitted to […]

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Jungle Camp Experience

Students have moved down from Jungle Camp this past weekend. Kirsten writes,
As a class, we spent two weeks building “homes” that we would live in for four weeks. These homes were built on prepared […]

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Healthy Transitions

Holly, along with her sister-in-law Brenda, serve on staff in the Child Protection and MK Education & Care departments. Part of their ministry is to help the student’s children adjust to life as missionary kids.

“Yesterday afternoon I […]

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Saying Goodbye

We are so grateful for the friendships our children made, and that they were given tools to be able to say good-bye, and leave a place well. God loves our kids more than we […]

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The Changes We Make

When I thought about coming to another country, I knew that I was going to need to change a lot to be effective in that country.  I never really understood what it meant until […]

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Q&A: Structures of Communication

I sat down with Matt and Shane who, along with Ryan, teach Structures of Communication (aka, Grammar class) here at the Missionary Training Centre. Thanks Matt and Shane for taking the time to share […]

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Folk Religion & Animism

One of our current students, Eve Nielsen, shares about some of the classes she is in. 

Burning candles for the dead, listening to undecipherable holy teachings to gain merit, emptying oneself of all desire in […]

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Off the Grid

Students-in-training spend two weeks after their second semester building temporary homes in the woods and then live in them for four weeks for a practicum where they practice team work, adaptation, planning and isolation […]

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