About Kirsten

Shortly after getting married to my Canadian husband, we moved to Canada to be involved with training missionaries. Our goal in life is to love God, love the church, and love all people. We get to do that by serving at emanate. After our first term is finished, we hope to be serving God in tribal church planting overseas.

Jungle Camp Preview

It’s that time of year again when Emanate and our students put out notifications about Jungle Camp. There are always questions as to what Jungle Camp is exactly, so hopefully this will help clear […]

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Domains of Relevance: Emanate

As we have looked at how the different domains of relevance in life affect us and are important to us as a training centre, we want to look at one more large part of […]

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Domains of Relevance: Personal

Along with living intentional when it comes to being involved in the church and in our communities, we want to emphasize the importance of living intentionally in the personal side of life. This is […]

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Domains of Relevance: Community

Everyone is part of a community. From the day you were born to now, you have been (and are still) a part of many different communities. Emanate is a small community of its own. […]

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Domains of Relevance: Church

Life is made up of many different pieces. If you could make a list of all the things you are involved in for just one week, it would most likely take up multiple pages. […]

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Not Your Grade Ten Grammar Class

Do you remember the days when you were in high school still struggling over their, there, and they’re? Maybe your situation wasn’t exactly like this, but you would still remember sitting in grammar class, […]

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Choosing to Use the Church

“How is it that God would chose to bring the greatest story ever told to those who’ve never heard? He chose to use the church! What an awesome privilege we have to be involved […]

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This last summer our campus went through quite a few changes. One of the things that needed to be done was to take out a few trees. The trees that were taken out were […]

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Much More Value

Choosing to get into full-time missions work is not an easy choice. There are many things to consider before making this commitment. On one hand, going through training at Emanate can help solve some […]

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What’s Your Statement?

Reading through Paul’s letters, one can easily see that this man lived with purpose. Paul was a man of intensity. When he was a Pharisee, he studied the law with zeal. When he became […]

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