No matter where life has you, you can be involved with God’s work of reaching the unreached – right now! You can be involved by praying, which is the most important thing we can be doing to see people reached with the Gospel. Today you could pray for Emanate alumni Jacob and Beth Devine. Here is a little about them and their life and ministry…

Q: Where are you from?

A: Jacob is from Barrington Passage, Nova Scotia; Beth is from Pittsfield, MA, USA.

Q: When did you graduate from Emanate?

A: Jacob graduated in May 2008, Beth in December 2002.

Q: Where are you now?

A: We are serving with Ethnos Canada in Papua New Guinea as managers of the Guesthouse here in Goroka, PNG [at the national office of New Tribes Mission of Papua New Guinea].

Q: What are you up to these days?

A: We are settling into a new ministry after 6 years working and living in the Sepik [region] of PNG.

The Guesthouse ministry is essential to missionaries around the field in many ways! It is a great place to come for a break or rest from your ministry to get rejuvenated, which is vital to longevity on the field. We also have many missionaries who come and stay with us while they take care of medical appointments, attend leadership meetings or work on translation checks. Sometimes there is a sudden medevac for someone in need of urgent medical treatment in Australia. The guesthouse may help with transportation or meals and also with recovery time afterwards before the missionaries go back into their place of service. We enjoy being able to have a part in so many ministries around the field!

Q: What did you learn at Emanate that helped prepare you for your ministry?

A: I really enjoyed learning from and seeing the teachers model how the Christian life works. How God does everything, He is the vine and we are just branches. This, more than anything else, laid the foundation for me to not only be able to cope with living in a third world country but to thrive. So I can enjoy what God has for me and see His hand in all that is happening around me.

Q: What else would you like us to know? 

A: I am very grateful for the few years I spent going through the training. It was great to have time in North America learning how to communicate with churches and learning how to live as a missionary who is supported by churches. After moving overseas, it was much harder to communicate with my home church. Also, the label of missionary carries a lot more pressure in a country like Papua New Guinea. Having the time at the training centre was great preparation and experience for when I moved overseas. I already had some experience to draw on instead of coming in having not had any of the pressures or expectations and then experiencing them all at once overseas.

Q: How can we be praying for you?

A: Please pray for us as we continue to settle into life here [in Goroka]. And please pray that God would provide for us financially with our debt and our need for tickets to return to North America in June 2020.

[Editor’s note: the Devine family had some costly out-of-pocket medical expenses this past year – but we know and celebrate that God “owns the cattle on a thousand hills” and we pray for His loving provision.]

Pray for Jacob and Beth as they serve the Lord and their fellow missionaries through this vital guesthouse ministry.

We all make up the body of Christ and we each have our part to play. No part can function without the other, and no missionary can survive without other believers lifting them up.

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[Please note that this interview was conducted before COVID-19 advisories and restrictions were put into place regarding meeting in groups and traveling. Ethnos Canada missionaries around the world are following these advisories and are eager to help stop the spread of this virus.]