There are many pieces and parts to reaching unreached people groups. The missionary living in the tribe cannot be effective long-term without the pilot to fly them in, the mechanic to fix the plane, the supply buyer to make sure they get food, the bookkeeper to manage complex international financial transactions, and the people praying and supporting them from back in their home – to name just a few important roles. Many of our students have gone on to do support work, and their roles are vital to what we do. Just like Paul says in 1 Corinthians, the body of Christ needs every part. We cannot say one role is less important than another, because without every role, those teaching could not focus on teaching. Let’s hear from Garry and Sylvia Krobel and see what part they play…

Q: Where are you from?

A: We are from St. Thomas, Ontario.

Q: When did you graduate from Emanate?

A: So, technically we are not Emanate alumni as we graduated before it was called that! [Editor’s note: That’s okay, it still counts!] We were there from August 2008 until May of 2010.

Q: Where are you now?

A: We are in Papua New Guinea – Madang. 

Q: What are you up to these days?

A: We are support workers and helping to run our Madang base. We take care of the base and all the logistics so that our E2 [trade language and culture learning] program and the Interface program can be run from here.

Q: What did you learn at Emanate that helped prepare you for your ministry?

A: We learned our life skills needed for [our support] ministry here in the secular work force for about 20 years before we decided to go overseas – but we did learn what a church planter goes through to work in a remote tribal location, and all that entails with building a house, learning the language, building an alphabet, and doing translation work.  We enjoy being in Madang where the new church planters come first so we can get to know them and be able to follow their progress as they seek to find a place to go and plant a church!  We also were more grounded in our beliefs in Durham and enjoyed our discipleship time with Wes and Brenda. 

Q: How can we be praying for you?

A: Right now there is a team allocating (moving) to a tribal location close to our location.  They have been busy purchasing materials to build their houses with and have started building the 3 houses that need to be built. There is a crew in the tribal location right now working on the houses. This is a new, remote location where the people have never heard the gospel message before – we are excited to see this new team of 3 families working on moving into this location so they can get to know the people, the language, the culture and eventually make an alphabet, teach them to read, translate the Bible lessons and the Bible and then start teaching them the Creation to Christ teaching in hopes that one day we can call these nationals brothers and sisters in Christ! And that is why we are here – to help our new students get to the point where they can share the gospel message to the people of PNG!

Every role is vital. Every person is needed. There is not one part to play that isn’t important, even if it is a less visible role.  It is so easy to idolize the person teaching in the people group, but that person could not be as effective without many people behind them.

Equipping doesn’t start at Emanate; God often uses life and career experience to prepare people for the roles they’ll play on the mission field.  What gifts and skills has He developed in you?  

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[Please note that this interview was conducted before COVID-19 advisories and restrictions were put into place regarding meeting in groups and traveling. Ethnos Canada missionaries around the world are following these advisories and are eager to help stop the spread of this virus.]