The world we live in is huge. It has hundreds of countries, thousands of languages and billions of people. We know that God loves each of these people uniquely, and that heaven rejoices when even one person comes to know Him!

Making a breakthrough into just one human heart (let alone an unreached people group) is miraculous. With all the obstacles that the Enemy has in place, it is a daunting task to think that God has called us to reach this world. How can we make a difference in a world this large? It is humbling to think that God uses people like us to preach His Word to all nations.

Here at Emanate, we are excited to see students graduate from our program excited to be used by God in the lives of people around the world. Let’s hear from Garran and Hannah Dick and see where God has placed them!

Q: Where are you from?

A: Like good missionaries, we are from all over! Hannah is originally from San Diego, California. Garran is originally from Colorado Springs, Colorado. Our oldest daughter is from Tacoma, Washington, and our youngest is from Durham, Ontario. But Washington State is where we call home.

Q: When did you graduate from Emanate?

A: We graduated as the first fully fledged class of Emanate in the winter of 2015. We have been emanating ever since. 😂

Q: Where are you now?

A: Currently we have made our way to West New Britain province in Papua New Guinea. We work on a small 7 square Km island with a population of 15,000.

Q: What are you up to these days?

A: We are in the heat of CLA [culture and language acquisition] now. It’s slow going and full of unexpected things as well as unexpected opportunities to grow in our walk with God!

Q: What did you learn at Emanate that helped prepare you for your ministry?

A: Listen, one of the most valuable things we got out of our time at Emanate was the emphasis on our walks with the Lord! Honestly, this must be our root and source, otherwise it’s only self. Of course all of the practical skills and methods have been extremely helpful! Without training for learning a language… it would be almost impossible to learn a new language.

Q: What else would you like us to know?

A: Two things we think have been foundational for us and both were really solidified at Emanate:

1) Our relationship with the Lord is the absolute foundation of anything and everything we say and do. From this foundation, our marriage, parenting, friendships, partnerships and ministry will flow. At each level it must be “healthy”; if your walk with God is not healthy, the next level of relationships won’t be healthy; and if that next level isn’t healthy, your team won’t be healthy; and if your team is not healthy, the ministry you are doing will also not be healthy…

2) The second foundational thing has been having a confidence in what God is doing and where He has brought us. When it gets hard – and it will get hard – it helps to be able to fall back on the truth and confidence that where we are is where God wants us, and if it’s where He wants us, He will not abandon us. Regardless of how things seem!

Q: How can we be praying for you?

A: You can be praying for us to walk humbly before the Lord. Pray for the Uneapa (Bali) people, that God will be preparing their hearts. Pray we would be salt and light as we learn their language. Pray for our coworkers who are on medical furlough.

Ultimately we need to remember that God will be the one who builds His church. But He does tell us He wants to do it through us. Pray for Garran and Hannah as they play their part and subscribe here to hear more about how God is using people in this world!