Passionate about God and His story, Steve and Mary Wyma have been a wonderful part of the Ethnos Canada team. Growing up in Paraguay where his parents were missionaries, Steve knew firsthand the joys and challenges of living cross culturally. He and his wife Mary began serving together in Bolivia in 1980, where they worked with a Bolivian church for ten years. Then they moved to Misión Etnos Training Centre, also in Bolivia, where they taught, training others how to minister cross-culturally. After serving there until 2000, Steve and Mary moved back to Canada where they joined the Ethnos Canada Training Centre for these past twenty years. No matter where they have been, God has been using them to be a part of reaching the least reached peoples of the world. Visiting with Steve and being a part of his class has been encouraging. His love and passion for the Lord is evident and could not be contained as he taught our classes. He LOVES God’s story. And he wants everyone else to know and love it too.

“Steve is someone you learn a lot from by simply being around him. You see his love for the little things in life and his enjoyment in the present moment because he is loved by his Creator. He has a passion for God’s story that makes you excited about it too.”

-Liam and Katie McIvor, current Emanate students

Steve’s love for God oozes out of him and it is a blessing to those around him. Full of grace, Mary has been known for her gentleness and warmth to the staff and students of Emanate. Over the years, she has opened her home in loving hospitality to the many people who have lived on the campus. She has also used her time to disciple women in the ways of the Lord and spur them on in fulfilling Christ’s mission. This semester Steve and Mary are retiring from Ethnos Canada. While they are leaving their roles on staff at Emanate, we know that they will not be retiring from serving the Lord. We are thankful for their time with us and look forward to seeing the different ways that God will use Steve and Mary in their next stage of life. Here are some words of encouragement from Emanate Director Vern Dyck who wrote to Steve and Mary, sharing his appreciation for their service with Emanate:

 “As I reflect on who you are and the fragrance of your lives, I can’t help but think of Galatians 5:22-23: ‘But the fruit of the Spirit is love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness and self-control.’ The aroma of Christ’s life exemplified through you to both the staff and students of Emanate lingers in the air of the moment and wafts into eternity. For the sake of the Gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ to be preached among those who have never heard, you have laboured and kept pressing on.”

-Vern Dyck, Emanate Director

We will miss you, Steve and Mary, and we are grateful for all the Lord has done in and through you in your years of service.