I heard about Emanate while I was in my second year at the Ethnos360 Bible Institute in Jackson, MI. There was a chance to visit Emanate and be involved in their Off the Grid program. In this program we got to experience the flavor of what the training is like. From there, I decided I wanted to go to Emanate. In my case, I had developed many ideas and desires which created a criteria for what I thought was valuable for missionary training.

The biggest selling point for me was finding out that the leadership of the Northern Canadian ministry is located on the same campus as Emanate! This ministry is called First Story. Having both Emanate and First Story on the same campus has been a huge blessing to me! With this, I can have thorough training in the morning classes at Emanate and have the opportunity to meet after classes with those involved in First Story. This has helped further my understanding of the greater picture of the Northern Canadian field!

Another factor that played into my decision to choose to train at Emanate was the opportunity to be adequately trained in a concise 18 month program. The teachers continue to emit the sense of urgency to bring the gospel where it hasn’t gone before while still equipping the students well.

Emanate is also an affordable training centre. As an American student, the exchange rate as a resident of the U.S. to Canada makes this program even more affordable.

What has stood out to me since being here, is the culmination of the classes. They are taught by experienced missionaries and are focused on the many different ambiguities of ministry in remote locations. While giving helpful tools for cross-cultural church planting, they also show how there is not an “A+B=C equation” for this sort of ministry. They show the absolute necessity to depend on the Lord, for it is He who will see thriving indigenous churches planted (Matthew 16:18). Our confidence can be placed in Him, because we can see how difficult the task will be!

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