Is there a distinct difference between preparation and qualification as it relates to becoming a missionary? This is a question that I have been wrestling with for the last few years and even now as a second semester student. Certainly God would want us to be wise with the gift that He has entrusted to us. After all, we are now entrusted with the gospel! So aren’t we to protect the message from corruption and have clarity when giving it?

Emanate exists to have missionary candidates trained for the long work of translation, indigenous church planting, bringing churches to maturity through sturdy foundational Bible teaching, and for all the roles that support these. Emanate is designed to paint an accurate picture of what to expect on the field as an indigenous church planting missionary, as a supporting role and how to suffer well in it all. Without a doubt, this preparation is relevant to the missionary candidate who is pursuing cross-cultural church planting.

But after completion of this training, is one fully qualified to be a missionary? A very serious question for a very serious time such as this! The Gospel needs to be proclaimed to the ends of the earth and that is not possible if none go!

Being a missionary is simply being obedient. Some might think that this means obedience to the call (Matthew 28:16-20). But it’s more than just that step of obedience; it’s an everyday choosing to put down your agenda, your comfort, your future, and your life for His Glory and His Plans…a “daily dying,” if you will (Galatians 2:20-21)… Missions is more about God working in you than the work you “do for Him”.

Emanate is great, but it’s only a starting point. It starts you on the path toward right thinking, giving you some of the ‘should’s’ and some of the ‘should not’s’.

When reality hits, it will not be clinical any longer, you’re ideal situation is no longer ideal. You will have to fall back on the principles just like you need to fall back on the principles of the Christian life… because life is real work and ‘missions’ is real work.

Ken Dewar (First Story Ministries)

We must be sure that our qualification comes from God, not just institutional trainings. The institutions are good and immensely helpful in preparation, but the institution training doesn’t fully qualify you when you graduate.

Our qualification comes from Him who we are directly in service with. Our Lord is faithful to show where and when we are to go. Are you willing to partake in this journey with us?