Before Jungle Camp begins, students will be taught basics of “off grid living” such as: solar power hook ups and how to charge batteries from it, the creating and usage of clay stoves (where most meals will be cooked), pressure canning, fire starting, and more! This has been woven into the curriculum as stepping stones to Jungle Camp. During construction there is no use of power tools, anything supported by wheel (wheelbarrow or cart), nails or any modern tools. On top of that, all supplies for building and living must be carried in by hand, backpack, or stretcher. While participating in the practicum, we will be without the use of cellphones, laptops, and Internet. We will also have limited visits with those outside of our class. These things will be quite a learning experience as it relates to isolation and teamwork!

We will learn to how to build with basic tools, duct tape, and twine… most by a trial and error process. A question may be “How is this applicable for missionary work in the field?” Though building with basic tools can be applicable in some areas, that is not the purpose of Jungle Camp. Nor is it to see if you’re tough enough to camp for 4 weeks.

It is an introduction into village life which has many more dynamics than just building minimalistic housing. It will conflict with the North American view of the right for privacy. The houses will be covered in a mix of transparent and black plastic. They are also in close proximity to one another. This also means that most conversations can be heard from laughing, to arguing, and babies crying in the night, etc. We will forgo normal conveniences and comforts while in Jungle Camp.

The goal in all of this? To experience isolation and discomfort in a way most likely never felt before. Why? To learn how to trust the Lord in all things.

Through all of this, we will be aiming for an increasing confidence in our faith and knowledge of our Saviour. We are not just trying to “survive Jungle Camp”, but we are actively preparing and focusing on thriving while we are there. Thriving goes beyond being comfortable. Someone can thrive during discomfort! (Philippians 4:12-13) So what do I mean by thrive? To be built up, to grow, and to mature in Christ in the midst of discomfort, unideal circumstance, and opposition. We want to have some experience in this realm for when we go on to where the Lord takes us into ministry. For we too want to be partakers in making sure all people can get a chance to hear the gospel. Jungle camp is an excellent way in which we can further our understanding and experience toward making that goal a reality. 

Pray for us!

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