What happens to Emanate’s Jungle Camp houses after the students and families move out? Eventually, they get torn down – with many of the materials reused the following year. Cedar, as it turns out, is rot-resistant; some of the poles have probably been part of 5 or even 10 houses over the years (we don’t know for sure). Plastic roofs are sometimes a patchwork of “Tuck Tape” from the leaks of past years. And the metal stoves have cooked meals in many a Jungle Camp kitchen.

But before they are torn down in the fall, Jungle Camp houses have a very important purpose – housing families and students for “Off the Grid”.

Off the Grid is a weekend retreat designed for college/university groups, church groups, home school groups, and families to discover what it takes to plant a church in an unreached people group.

Living in a Jungle Camp house is certainly a novelty, and experiencing a weekend in a beautiful grove of maples can be delightfully pleasant, and the food is good too… but this weekend is more than just a relaxing retreat.

Off the Grid exposes our guests to the realities of cross-cultural church planting – even the hard parts! Yes, there is a lost, needy, and spiritually dark world out there. Yes, there is opposition. Yes, crossing cultural and language barriers is fraught with complexities and pitfalls. Yes, there are deep worldview-level trip hazards that make communicating the Gospel difficult. And yes, it will take immense sacrifice! But God is at work, and being part of what He is doing is a tremendous privilege.

Our prayer is that visitors to Off the Grid would be confronted with the enormity of the task, that they would “count the cost”, and that they would consider Him worthy!

So how has God been working in the lives of our visitors? Here are some testimonials from Off the Grid a couple weeks ago:

“It was a great exposure to missions and a challenge to fulfill Matthew 28:19-20.”

“Eye-opening; I feel like I have a much bigger understanding of reaching the lost.”

“I’m praying for wisdom, for the Lord to show us if He wants us anywhere else, or how we can live more sacrificially for our incredible God.”

-Participants of Off the Grid, August 2019

Interested in being part of next year’s Off the Grid or spreading the word to others? Pre-register now and stay tuned for 2020 dates!