Emanate equips believers to participate in cross-cultural church planting in some of the most remote and “foreign” places on the globe – places where Jesus Christ is not known.

Recent Emanate graduate Josephine Kalmen had dreamed of going overseas, but through various circumstances she came to the difficult realisation that this might not be possible for her.  She had to grieve the loss of some of her own dreams and recognise that God’s plan for her life was more important than what she had thought she could do for Him.  Now that she may end up staying right here in North America, was the training still of benefit to her?

“Throughout my training at Emanate I could see the importance of what we were learning not just in an overseas context but also in my home context. …  I think every Christian needs to learn how to step outside their own worldview and understand another person’s worldview in order to best disciple them in the truth of God’s Word. … Learning how to analyze the culture around me and teach God’s Word directly to that culture’s heart will be a valuable asset to any ministry.”

-Josephine Kalmen, 2017 Emanate graduate

As it turns out, Josephine is not the only student at Emanate who will not be serving in a remote tribe in the jungle.  Many other students–past and present–will join Ethnos Canada in supporting roles or be involved in some other ministry right here in North America.  For those who God leads to stay, Emanate training is still immensely valuable:

“It has been refreshing to receive solid biblical teaching to strengthen our own foundation.  As parents, we are learning principles that we want to pass on to our children.”

-Doug Johnstone, Ethnos Canada home office staff

“Insight into the challenges of adjusting to a strange environment, learning a new culture, understanding a different worldview, and mastering a completely different language in order to communicate the Gospel clearly and without distortion, effectively equips and encourages those committed to doing it; intensifies the prayers of those familiar with it; and motivates those who are privileged to enable them, until the last one is reached.”

-Doug Harkness, Ethnos Canada representative

Wherever God leads them, Emanate students are being equipped as “servants of the church” and are excited to be a light to those among whom they minister!