The students at Emanate have two weeks to build their houses. That daunting task is compounded by the fact that the men’s building weeks are interrupted by a three-day backpacking trip along the Bruce Trail. The women aren’t exempt from the challenge, as they are required to complete a two-day hike during the last week of the Jungle Camp experience.

Besides the obvious physical benefits of hiking, how does the hike apply to church planting among unreached people groups?

It is true that in this age of globalization, air planes and helicopters, it is easier than ever to reach the locations where these people live. But flights are expensive and often our missionaries live among people living in small, isolated villages. In contexts like that, a flight is impractical. So to visit friends in another hamlet or for community events often hiking is the best way to reach these places and build those relationships with the people they are there to reach!

The Callahan family in Papua New Guinea had to make such a hike recently. They did this in order to witness and celebrate the baptism of new believers among the Iski people. You can read and see pictures of their journey here.