It sure doesn’t look like Jungle Camp is just around the corner!  Just two weeks ago the back woods of Ethnos Canada’s property here in Durham were frozen and desolate.  Now, even as we enjoy a brief thaw, we know that more drifts of snow and biting winter chill may still be ahead of us.

Nevertheless, summer will be here in just a few short months!  With the snow and ice long gone, Emanate students and their families will head to the woods, select home sites, build temporary houses for two weeks, and live “off the grid” for another four weeks.

Although Jungle Camp is only a small part of the Emanate training program, it generates excitement every year.  The second semester students are already beginning to think and prepare for it.  Many of us have begun making meal plans and canning so we’ll be able to carry in enough food for the month.  A few have even started sketching up Jungle Camp house plans and collecting supplies.

Q: What are you looking forward to about Jungle Camp?

  • “Close community living” – Kyle
  • “Cooking meals on a wood stove” – Chris
  • “Living outside and all that entails!” – Kathryn
  • “Late night discussions by the fire” – Jordan

Q: Is there anything you are nervous about?

  • “Building a house adequately and on time” – James
  • “Getting the laundry done, especially if it rains” – Sandy
  • “Caring for a toddler and newborn” – Bethanna
  • “Living with/by bugs, spiders and snakes” – Megan

Jungle Camp will certainly challenge us and stretch us, but we’re excited about how God will use this part of our training to equip us to be more effective ambassadors of Christ among the nations!

Do you want to see for yourself what all the excitement is about?  You’re invited to the Jungle Camp Open House on Saturday, July 7th!  Click this link for more details.