For the last three weeks, Emanate students have been living in a lush maple grove in small houses made of cedar poles, plastic, twine, and duct tape.

Living “off the grid” is new for most of us.  We’ve been unable to check our email, make phone calls, or even go to the grocery store.   We’ve been cooking on a homemade wood stove, hand-washing our laundry, and learning to live with less convenience and privacy.

We’ve had no contact with the outside world – until Saturday, July 7th, when you’re invited to come visit us!

Come see what Jungle Camp living is like at Jungle Camp Open House.  Jungle Camp will be open to visitors between 9 am and 5 pm.  We’d love to see you then!



Meanwhile, please pray for Emanate students as we seek to learn all that the Lord is teaching us from this practical course.

Click this link for more details about Jungle Camp Open House.