How quickly can we get these posts in the ground?  Who knew building a clay oven could take so long?

Emanate students have begun work on our Jungle Camp homes.  The days are long, with work beginning early in the morning and continuing well into the evening.  Nevertheless, our time allotted for building feels short as we consider the staggering amount of work ahead of us.  By June 15th, we need to have our Jungle Camp homes complete and ready for move-in on the 16th.  Hopefully they will stand strong and our roofs won’t leak!

For some Emanate students, building a pole structure without using power tools is easy and fun.  For others, it is well outside the realm of our aptitude.  Although our homes will only be around 16 by 20 feet, most of us are not builders!  It is easy to feel under-qualified and overwhelmed.  Come to think of it, this isn’t the first time we’ve felt this way!  Perhaps you will remember this quote from our blog Learning Grammar We Are Now:

“When you struggle (and you will), remember the big picture!  Why are we here in the first place?  We are fragile clay pots; it’s not about us. … It’s about the treasure we have inside of us that we get to share with others. … When you are not getting it, praise the one who is getting it; encourage them.  Praise God that we are gifted differently, that I don’t have to be an expert in everything, that I get to count on my teammate who is going to be better at this than I am.  That’s a good thing!”

-Ryan Kurvits, Emanate instructor

Couldn’t these words of wisdom apply equally well to the Jungle Camp building process?

Please pray for Emanate students as we deal with physical fatigue and a quickly approaching deadline.  Please pray that we would encourage one another, assist those who struggle, and look to the Lord for strength.

In just a month from now, we will have finished our Jungle Camp houses and lived in them for 3 weeks.  We’d love for you to come see us during the Jungle Camp Open House on Saturday, July 7th!  Click this link for more details.

Below are a few photos of our Jungle Camp homes in progress: