A couple months ago, we told you about the growing anticipation for Jungle Camp.  Now, the beginning of our building time is only a couple weeks away and preparations are in high gear.

Most Emanate students haven’t lived “off the grid” for four weeks before, and there is a lot to think about!  Do we have enough cedar posts and beams for all the families to build their houses?  Are our lots level and will they drain away from the house during heavy rainfall?  How can we evenly divide up the supplies of plastic and screen between 11 family units?  Have we canned enough food to last us a month “in the bush” without making any grocery runs?  How are we going to carry everything in on move-up day – without the use of wheeled vehicles?  Many of our apartments are already chock-full of food, supplies, and building materials that we are staging for Jungle Camp!

Jungle Camp House Plan

Clearing a Jungle Camp Lot

Why do we do Jungle Camp?  To be clear, Jungle Camp is not designed to simulate the conditions in any particular field or country.  Missionary life will not necessarily mean living in houses made of cedar poles, plastic, and duct tape.

Nevertheless, this training is immensely practical.  We will get to practice living without most modern comforts and conveniences.  We will experience the additional time it takes to accomplish everyday tasks like cooking, dishes, bathing, and laundry.  We will have to leave behind the phones and internet we so habitually check.  At the same time, we will have the opportunity to practice living together in community.  All of these practical lessons will help equip us to become more effective ambassadors of the Gospel.

Please pray for Emanate students as we get ready to embark on this new adventure.  We have only a couple short weeks left to make all the necessary preparations.

Do you want to see for yourself what Jungle Camp is like?  You’re invited to the Jungle Camp Open House on Saturday, July 7th!  Click this link for more details.