“A parka with fur trim on the hood … is not just a fashion statement.  The suit you go skiing in will probably not be enough.  Driving gloves will not be enough.  Hiking boots will not be enough…”

-packing guidelines for FirstStory vision trip

One of the key questions Emanate students are asking is: “Where is God leading me to serve?”  With thousands of unreached people groups in the world today, there is no shortage of destinations that need willing and equipped messengers of the gospel!

One of those destinations is right in our “backyard”.  God is opening doors to serve in northern Canada.  FirstStory Ministries, a new outreach of Ethnos Canada, is putting together teams to serve among the indigenous peoples of Canada, with the goal of establishing thriving churches.  Several Emanate students are prayerfully considering serving with FirstStory after graduating from the training.

With this in mind, a team of students is squeezing into a small single-engine plane and taking a “vision trip” over March Break to an Inuit village in northern Quebec.  This trip is an exciting opportunity to gain exposure to Inuit culture and to the realities of serving in northern Canada.  Our students are also getting to practice firsthand what they’ve been learning in class as they observe a culture very different from their own.

“It was Christ who said, ‘I will build my church, and the gates of hell will not prevail against it!’  Though the challenges are many, as we have embarked on this new outreach to the ethnos of our own country, we have been absolutely blown away by the constant reminders that our God has already been at work.”

-Tim Whatley, Executive Director of Ethnos Canada (originally published in the Sept 2017 issue of the Ethnos Canada Magazine https://ethnos.ca/from-our-president/)

What about you?  Is God leading you to serve in Northern Canada?