Here at Emanate, the students are in classes from 8-12, Monday through Friday. The layout of these classes has an heavy emphasis on Bible training, methodology, and strategies for church planting. From the outside these can seem to be heavy topics of study and, in some cases, they are. Conversing and caffeinating morning after morning together in class can sometimes wear you down!

From the outside, it may seem like the students are some sort of “spiritual robots”. As if they are constantly ‘plugged in’ and ‘downloading’ the classes to receive church planting data. However, that is not the case! One of the greatest ways to process all of this information is to simply head outside! Some of our students need to burn some energy (especially as the winter snow has already begun!). Others would rather get together or some might even just take a good ol’ nap to wind down.

So, what is it that the students do for fun and rejuvenation specifically? There is quite the grand selection of activities to be done here at Emanate. From sports like volleyball, basketball, soccer (both indoor and outdoor), or rock climbing, to warming up on cool nights with a camp fire under the stars. Or having people over for dinner and laughing around the table. Sometimes the greatest thing we need can be getting our hiking boots muddy or snowy on a nearby trail, which there are plenty of!

As the semester gets closer to finishing in December, both the staff and the students on campus have grown much closer and their friendships bond tighter through doing life together.



In all of these differing avenues of rest and rejuvenation, there are great opportunities for meaningful conversations through which healing and growth can come!



All in all, it turns out that our students are everyday people who are involved with both ‘down time’ and ‘crunch time’! The life of the students can feel fast paced or mundane as time passes during the training. No matter where we find the students, let it be always pursing the Lord whether in work or in rest!