We often use the term “bush” to describe the jungle or areas where there is heavy forestry. This one term can describe many different environments from the intense jungles of Papua New Guinea to the more familiar “jungles” of Ontario.

In their most recent update, the Chen family asked for prayer as they head into the jungles of Papua New Guinea for “bush orientation.” They will spend the next 6 weeks living among veteran missionaries and a tribal church. They will learn first-hand the realities of living in the jungle and what it means to work towards seeing a mature church planted in these remote villages. You can read more of their update and specific ways to pray for them here.

Back home in Ontario, our students are getting ready for a 6 week “bush orientation” of their own. This week they are in Jungle Camp Technology class where they get a glimpse of rudimentary electrical engineering. The next 2 weeks are Jungle Camp building days. At the end of those two weeks, the students will move into their “bush” homes where they will live for 4 weeks. Pray for our students as they are facing many new challenges physically, emotionally, and spiritually! To read more about Jungle Camp, click here.