A new group of students has entered our training centre! We couldn’t be more excited about this answer to prayer as we have interacted with the 12 new students. We want to share our excitement with you and introduce you to some of our students.

Meet Nathan and Emily

Q: Where are you from?

Nathan grew up as an MK (missionary kid) in Guatemala for the first 8 years of his life until his family returned to Canada and lived in Waldheim and La Ronge, Saskatchewan.  Emily grew up her whole life in the small farming community of Frontier, Saskatchewan.

Q: What’s your story?

We thank God for the Christian families we were raised in and for the exposure that we had to missions.  Hearing missionary stories stirred in each of us a desire to share the gospel with those who haven’t heard.  Nathan has always had a love for airplanes and while in Bible School, felt led to pursuing missionary aviation.  We met while working/volunteering at Rock Solid Refuge, were married in 2010 and have together been working towards that end ever since.

In order to complete Nathan’s aircraft maintenance apprenticeship, we moved to Flin Flon, Manitoba and worked for a float plane charter company.  God had his hand in that move as the experience he gained there is so similar to that of a missionary pilot – same type of aircraft and bush plane flying.  During that time, Nathan also completed his commercial pilots license and gained the necessary hours to meet NTMA’s requirements.  We could tell many stories of God’s provision in that journey!

Q: What ministry are you hoping to be involved in once you are done with Emanate’s training?

Our hope is to serve in the Asia-Pacific region as a Missionary Pilot family.  We have three daughter’s – Maddie (4), Brynn (2) and Annika (1) – with one more girl to arrive any day now!

Q: What are your impressions of Emanate so far?

We are very much so enjoying the first few weeks of Emanate.  So much to be gleaned from those who have gone before us!  We also thank God for those who work in Child Care to make it possible for both of us to take the training.  It is such a blessing that they see this as their way of serving the Lord.  We enjoy hearing new songs and stories from our girls over lunch each day.