Emanate exists to equip servants of the church. While everyone’s story of how they got here is different, each one has been impacted by a similar truth. They have acknowledged the need for unreached people groups to hear the gospel and have decided to walk by faith in being a part of God’s work around the world.

Meet Josephine

Q: Where are you from?

I grew up in Washington.

Q: Where did your desire come from to be involved with missions?

I first heard that there were people groups without the gospel when I attended Ecola Bible school. I was shocked by this; I had no idea there were so many languages and that so many still hadn’t heard. I remember a teacher one time saying, “People are forever,” everything else is going to pass away. Those words stuck with me knowing every person will either spend an eternity in Heaven with God or in torment in Hell. Holding the truth in my hands, would I choose to share it?

I thought I could never do missions but God changed my heart and showed me it wasn’t about me but about Him who works through me. There’s no one else that would be worth living for, God alone is worthy. God could spread the Gospel all on His own, He doesn’t need me or anyone. He has chosen to use His children to go into all the world and make disciples for His Glory. It’s His plan and as His child I’d be a fool not to follow it.

Q: What are your impressions of Emanate so far?

The campus is beautiful, housing is super nice, and everyone here is friendly and hospitable. It’s my home for the next 16 months. My classmates are my family and I’m glad to have the opportunity to live life with them.