In case you were wondering, no, we didn’t accidentally switch the word order in the title. You see, while we often think of working from start to finish, in reality, each finish also signals a new start. That is certainly the case for the Emanate class of 2016!

We are excited to announce that all six students have officially completed their final semester of training. What a blessing to see the perseverance and dedication they have displayed throughout their time here. After 18 months of studying and growing together, they have finished well and are ready for the next step that the Lord has for them in taking the gospel to the unreached.

That step will look different for each one of them. 18 months ago, you had a chance to “meet” Brad, Stephanie, and Cam. We now want to let them share with you how God has provided for them to finish well here at Emanate and start well in the next step of their journey!

Cam, Brad, Stephanie and Jason

Cam McLean with Brad, Jason, and Stephanie Wolfe


Lord willing, Cam will be heading to the United States next Spring to complete NTM’s advanced linguistic training.

“I enjoy the process of dissecting language. I guess I’m weird like that. I figure if I can get more training in that area which is something I seem to do well and that can be used for the sake of the gospel, that makes sense.”

While he’s in the linguistic training, Cam will be trusting God for direction on where to go.

“I came into the training knowing that I wanted to be involved in missions in some way. I still don’t exactly what role I will fill, but I’m trusting God to make it clear.”

During his time at Emanate, God has consistently been teaching Cam to marvel at His goodness.

“He is so good! He cares and looks after His children, and I know He will continue to do that.”

Brad and Stephanie

Brad and Stephanie entered the training with the goal of serving in Thailand and they have been amazed at the ways God has shown Himself faithful to them and grown their confidence in Him.

“For us the biggest lesson we’ve learned during our time in training is to always trust God and be open to what He has planned for us. We may have our own ideas and plans for what we want to do, but we must always be open to what God wants.”

For Brad and Stephanie, “being open” meant a change in plans as to where they are hoping to serve. Earlier this fall, when they heard about a new ministry opportunity with NTM called First Story that focuses on reaching the First Nations in Canada with the gospel, they were both burdened and excited. After consulting with the leadership of NTMC and their home church, Brad and Stephanie decided God was opening the door for them to be a part of First Story!

“You never know when or how God will direct you but as we continue in the Word and through prayer, we can stay sensitive to the Holy Spirit and his guidance.”

Please join us in praying for Cam, Brad and Stephanie, and their graduating classmates as they transition from this finish at Emanate to a new start!