Reading through Paul’s letters, one can easily see that this man lived with purpose. Paul was a man of intensity. When he was a Pharisee, he studied the law with zeal. When he became a follower of Christ, he followed Him with eager devotion. His life was motivated by Christ and his mission in life was to tell others about this great hope in Christ (Romans 1:14-17).

As you look into most organizations, churches, and even some businesses, they will have a mission statement that defines their goals and purpose. According to a mission statement is “a written declaration of an organization’s core purpose and focus that normally remains unchanged over time.”

New Tribes Mission Canada has a mission statement and Emanate has a purpose statement. In our Family Life class during the first semester, students have the chance to make mission statements for their families.

Some families have made simple and concise statements that can be expanded on in different ways. Others have made their family mission statements a few paragraphs long and go into many details. The purpose of the assignment is not to make the best statement. It is designed to allow families a time to get together and discuss what they want their purpose and focus to be.

Having a mission statement gives families a solid focus as they face different challenges. It can also give understanding and reason as to why they make certain choices. It allows the family to have an agreed on purpose that they can look to together and use to encourage each other.

When you think of your own family, what things do you want to hold fast and stand on? Is your family living with purpose?

Writing it down in a statement doesn’t give you purpose, it only serves as a reminder, just like the stones of remembrance that Joshua set up after crossing the Jordan River (Joshua 4). What are you setting up in your life to remind you of your purpose and the goodness of God? What’s your mission statement?