Many of us like to use the analogy of “open and closed doors” when we think about the happenings in life.There are many times when we notice that a valid option we had is no longer there or just the opposite, a new option appears. We might say, “God opened this door” or “He closed this door” as we look back and see how God guided us through different scenarios.

During these times, we are reminded that “The mind of a man plans his way, but the Lord directs his steps.” (Proverbs 16:9) As we continue to walk faithfully in the Lord, making decisions and trusting Him, we see that He “opens” and “closes” different opportunities along the way.

When we look at missions work, it’s easy to see it as “open” and “closed” doors. But just as in life, where one door may open when another has closed, the world of missions is constantly changing. Countries we could not enter into as Christian missionaries are now asking for people to come. Countries we used to freely enter have restricted their access so it makes it more difficult or even impossible to enter.

“It is true that many doors are closed at the moment, but God is able to open closed doors overnight, and God is able to work behind closed doors. My concern is not with closed doors; my concern is with the doors that are open which we do not enter.” -George Eldon Ladd

While looking at the many needs in the world, it can be discouraging to see how many countries have “closed doors” at the moment. But instead of focusing on what we cannot do, we should look at the many places where people don’t have the gospel in their language even though there is a way to reach them.

There are still around 2,000 people groups that don’t have the Word of God in their language. While there is a lot being done to try to bring this number down, there is still a great need for more people with the desire to see others come to know Christ. We need people who are willing to go through the doors that the Lord has opened for them to bring the Word of God to those who have never heard it.

Would you consider going?