Do you remember the days when you were in high school still struggling over their, there, and they’re? Maybe your situation wasn’t exactly like this, but you would still remember sitting in grammar class, looking at words, and writing papers.

There is great importance in understanding and using correct grammar. It enables us to be heard and understood. It can also give clues as to where you are from like saying “grade ten” instead of “tenth grade” and using the word “eh” etc.

One of the classes at Emanate is “Structures of Communication” but more commonly called grammar class. There are some similarities between the grammar classes you took in high school and this one, but there are many differences. The grammar you learned in school was only about the language you speak, but in this class, we look into the nitty gritty behind language as a whole.

When going into a new culture, you not only want to learn the words of the language, but how they structure their words as well. The places that New Tribes Mission Canada goes into typically don’t have written languages, so you are also working from scratch (no written alphabet, no extra language learning tools). You want to be sure that what you’re saying is being communicated well. This is what we strive for because we have the most important message to communicate, God’s Word.

This is why we take the time to teach about the structures of communication. Although languages around the world are very different, they are similar in that they have rules by which they must abide. Language experts from around the globe and from many years of experience have put together a list of these rules.

We study and practice these rules in Structures of Communication. You also learn to break down words and phrases in different languages to find patterns. It’s like each language is a different puzzle and we’re teaching you ways that you can excel in putting together your puzzle. It’s definitely not your grade ten grammar class, but something much more exciting!