A new semester has begun, and a fresh group of students is here, ready to dive in and prepare for their future sharing the Good News with unreached people groups. This year the new class is small, having only six students who have packed up their lives and will do so again in a year and a half to follow the Lord’s leading to the ends of the earth.

It can be discouraging to see a small class with so few willing to go. When you think in human terms, the job is so big, it appears impossible. However, as I look at a now bustling campus full of new faces and returning third-semester students, I can’t help but praise the Lord for each one. The class may be small, but each person in it represents hope for an unreached people group.
Each person who is willing to leave what they have here to take the gospel to someone who has never heard it is a huge answer to prayer. The obedience of one of them could be the reason that a whole people group will one day be in heaven worshipping alongside us! That is pretty awesome to think about.

As this new class begins their training and as the class ahead of them finishes theirs and prepares for the next step, will you do your part and hold them up in prayer? Thank the Lord for their willingness to go and pray that the desire to go will only grow as they learn and prepare. Pray for humility and a desire to serve, learn and grow. Without prayer none of this is possible.