Imagine waking up each morning to cool, crisp air. Someone gets up to get the fire in the stove started and you slowly begin your morning routine. You wait a bit for the fire to get warm enough to boil water which you need to make some oatmeal and coffee. While you’re waiting, you get to sit, relax, and watch as the rest of the world wakes up. The sun comes out, the birds are already chirping, and you can hear the wind softly blowing through the trees.

This is similar to the way our students have been starting their mornings for the past three weeks. Each day they tackle tasks that look much different than our normal, everyday tasks. Things like chopping wood, washing laundry by hand, and getting drinking water are some of the essentials in their routines.

Daily they are learning more about themselves, their families, and living in a more simple way. They’ve been experiencing how to care for each other as teammates in close communities and how to balance daily needs vs. wants. Each day presents in itself a new adventure and learning opportunity.

While they are learning and living in the houses they made by themselves, you get the privilege to be part of their learning process. This Sunday, July 5, the Jungle Camp area will be open to visitors from 1-5pm so you can see all that our students have been learning and working on for the past three weeks.

We invite you to visit our campus and get a small taste of what our training provides in this unique practicum. We hope to see you there!

Follow this link to get more information of the open house day.