During their 18 months at Emanate, students spend hours learning about different cultures, the skills needed to learn an unwritten language, Bible translation principles, how to teach literacy, how to go about curriculum development, as well as many more things.

Emanate is unique in that it not only equips the adult students for ministry, but also equips their entire families. For the greater part of the last century, missions has happened at the expense of the children. In some cases (many years ago), wives and children were left behind in their sending country while the men went alone to bring the gospel to unreached people. In later years , children were sent to boarding schools while their parents served. It was common for parents to “sacrifice their children for the sake of the work.” Over the years , many have realized that this was not always healthy for children or their parents , and more families now choose to home school. In may cases, having families serving together and functioning as a family should is very beneficial, not only to the family but to the work as well.

It is easy to say that families should serve together, but when it comes down to it, missionary children often need help preparing for life in another culture just as their parents do.

In recent years, New Tribes Mission has been developing programs to help missionary children prepare for the field, learn to transition well, and learn to transition back into their “passport countries” when they prepare for university or college. These programs also help parents to realize some of the struggles their children may face during their time overseas and when they come back. It can be difficult for parents to realize that going “home” often doesn’t feel like going home to third culture kids.

Last month, the MK Care Coordinator hosted the first MK Orientation Event with the children whose families will be graduating from Emanate in December. Each event is designed to expose them just a little more to life in another culture or to things they might experience as they transition to another country and culture.

Pray for these precious little ones as they will be experiencing many changes in the next couple of years. Depending on their ages and personalities, each child will process things in a different way. Although there are a lot of challenges that come into the life of an MK, it is a pretty cool experience as well. We hope and pray that when our MK’s come back to North America as adults, they will look back with fond memories of their many different experiences.