Summer of 2018

Ethnos Canada
313363 Garafraxa St. South (Hwy 6)
Durham, ON N0G 1R0

Many families wanting to bring the gospel to unreached people groups don’t know where to start. God is using Ethnos’ 75+ years of specialized experience to prepare missionaries for fruitful cross-cultural ministry. Come check out the missionary candidates in this year’s “Jungle Camp” practicum.

Each year the Emanate students have two weeks to build houses in the woods out of poles, plastic, screen, twine, and duct-tape. No nails. No power tools. After the houses are built, the students live in them for four weeks.

To many visitors Jungle Camp is survival training. In reality, it is more about planning ahead. And while the students are learning to survive without modern conveniences, many more aspects come into play.

This is a FREE come-and-go open house. We will be running wagon ride tours of the rest of the campus.

If you have any questions, please call: 844-855-6862
or send us an email: