Missionary Training Graduation

This year’s Emanate Graduation will take place at the Hanover Missionary Church on Thursday, December 13 at 7:30pm EST.

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Grad Bios

James & Beth Baker

Beth and I are 34 years old, and were born and raised in southeastern West Virginia. We were high school sweethearts and have been married for ten years. We have 3 daughters: Lily (6), Grace (4), and Chloe (2). We graduated from college with degrees in teaching, with Beth teaching elementary reading and me teaching highschool social studies in Huntington, WV. Beth stopped teaching when we had kids, and I left mid-year in 2014 so that we could begin attending Ethnos360 Bible Institute in Jackson, MI. God had laid missions on ourhearts in college, and we had finally gotten to a place where we could move towards mission work ourselves. We loved our time at EBI and are very excited to have been trained at Emanate. Thanks so much for your prayers!

Todd & Rebekah Culbertson

Culbertson, Todd & RebekahTodd and I grew up about 45 minutes away from each other in Maryland, U.S, but met at a dinner for international students in Milwaukee, WI while Todd was attending grad school and Rebekah was staying with her Aunt. From the beginning of our marriage, we have had a burden for unreached people groups — a burden bolstered by involvement in the Perspectives class, and of course our time at EBI Waukesha. We believe God is calling us to simply be willing to go where He leads. Todd has a degree in architecture and has worked in the multifamily plumbing industry for 7 years, and Rebekah taught 2nd grade at a private Christian school for 4 years. We have 3 children — Judah (age 6), Lucas (age 4), and Zemirah (age 2). Among other things, we enjoy in-depth Bible study, cooking and eating good food, and spending time with new and old friends.

Christian & Megan Hall

Christian grew up in Papua New Guinea (PNG) as his family worked among the Maleu people group there. Megan’s family worked as support missionaries in Venezuela, Wisconsin and PNG. Christian and Megan met and started dating in high school in PNG and got married on June 16, 2012. They attended EBI Waukesha from 2013-2015. In March, 2015 they became proud parents to their son Lincoln. In 2016, Christian completed his Bachelors of Science in Business Administration from Thomas Edison State University. In November, 2016, they celebrated the birth of their second child, Isaiah. Both of their boys bring them so much joy and keep them fairly busy. Christian and Megan enjoy camping, playing sports (especially soccer) and board games. Christian and Megan are burdened for those who haven’t had an opportunity to hear the Gospel. They believe that God is leading them to take the Gospel to the least reached peoples of the world. They are still praying about the specific location where the Lord would have them serve. They are very excitedly received missionary training at Emanate and looked forward to all that the Lord had for them to learn.

Lisa Harms

Greetings! My name is Lisa Allison Harms, and it’s crazy I had this opportunity! My dad grew up in Paraguay in a Mennonite community, in which his family were among the few who welcomed missionaries and other church leaders. They often left him with tapes that he listened to secretly. I think I’ve gotten my desire for missions largely from him, God’s Word, and what Jesus has done in my life. I met Heidi Goud, an MK of PNG last year and we planned to come to Emanate together last fall. I had just finished a year at Bible School and working in a factory. Psalm 73 — God’s promise to always be with me, has been a recent joy, blessings!

David & Bethanna Kwast

David and Bethanna Kwast both grew up in Christian homes and were saved at a young age. We met at church in 2009, started dating in 2012, and were married in 2014. We had a miscarriage in February 2015, and the Lord blessed us with another baby, Naomi Sue Kwast, born 10 weeks early in September 2016. We enjoy outdoor activities (camping, fishing, hiking, mountain biking {Dave}) and spending time with our families and friends. We also like to play card games and board games. Bethanna enjoys administrative/office chores, and Dave works well with his hands. Naomi likes to roll over and drool and doesn’t get the point of eating with a spoon yet. 🙂

Jordan & Jessica Martin

We are highschool sweethearts, have been married for going on 10 years, and have 4 amazing boys. Our family is from a little town in Massachusetts. We became believers shortly after graduating high school and ever since, our lives have been turned completely around. We first heard about Ethnos when a missionary family came to speak at our church. The Lord really revealed His heart for the unreached to us and so we made the decision to step out in faith and go to the Bible School in Wisconsin. Since being there at the Bible School we have learned just how important this solid Biblical foundation is to those wishing to go into missions — and for every believer really! We have been reminded of how firm our assurance of salvation can be. We have really grown to know and walk with the Lord intimately and in constant dependence on Him. We are so excited for this next step! We are really looking forward to what the Lord has in store for our family in these next few years.

Chris & Sandy Romero

We were married in 2010, and have three children, Joshua, Jeremy and Moriah, though our daughter has passed away during our time in Durham. We are from Invercargill, in the southern-most part of New Zealand, and enjoy people, camping and family. Chris is a qualified builder (carpenter), and has been involved in self employed building work for the past 3 years. We are excited about evangelism and are keen on missionary work. Our children are a great blessing to us from the Lord and we see it as a precious privilege to be parents, teaching our children the scriptures, and bringing them up in the things of the Lord.

Tyler & Allegra Sanford

We are Tyler and Allegra Sanford and both of us are missionary kids from South America. Tyler is from Venezuela but lived in Pennsylvania since age 12, and Allegra lived in Colombia until her senior year of High School. We met at EBI in Waukesha, Wisconsin and lived in the area serving at our church and working for First Student (school bus company) until coming to Durham. We are excited to take the next step in our journey as we follow God to Emanate where we expected to grow and be challenged by God through the staff, students, and classes. Our goal right now is to be overseas disciple makers among a group of people that don’t have any access to the Gospel but if God directs otherwise we are willing to do whatever He has for us as a part of His body, the church.

Michael & Lauren Shaiebly

Hello! We are the Shaiebly family! Mike (30) and Lauren (28) Shaiebly both grew up in a small farming community in Pennsylvania with both our families being farmers. A funny part of our story is how we met. Lauren was Mike’s waitress. We got married July 9th 2010 in our home town and drove a John Deere combine as our getaway car. Since that day we have added three beautiful children to our family. Our five year old Eleanor Jean is a sweat heart who cares deeply. Lydia Ruth is four and a spunky little thing and then there is Gabriel Michael who is two. Gabriel has come to be our little entertainer. We absolutely loved out time at EBI Jackson and Emanate!

Brian & Tamara Vetter

We are Brian & Tamara Vetter, Associates with Ethnos360 for the past 5 years, serving at NTBI Waukesha. Brian’s originally from Escondido, California, and Tamara is a missionary kid; originally from Canada, but she’s lived at NTBI Waukesha for the past 17 years as a staff kid, then student, then staff! Brian ended up at NTBI Waukesha as a student in 2009 and was asked to stay on as an intern and then an Associate. Tamara was enroute to Master’s College in California on a vocal performance scholarship when God changed her direction and her heart toward student ministry and missions! When we complete the Emanate training, Lord willing, we will be headed back to NTBI Waukesha to continue serving as we have been.

Kyle & Melissa Walker

We are highschool sweethearts, and married in 2011 after dating for 5 years. We have three kids; Arabella is 5, Solomon is 3, and George is 1. When we started attending EBI in 2013, we were really only looking for a circumstantial change in our lives, we were not at all going with the intent of becoming missionaries. But through studying the Word, the Lord changed our hearts and minds, and we know that spreading the Gospel is part of who we are, and we want to be part of reaching the unreached.

Darren Wolfe

I was born and grew up in the La Crete, AB area. I got saved in the winter of 2007 and reading through the scriptures I always noticed that missions was part of our identity as believers, not just a program that the church was involved in. I attended EBI in the fall of 2014 with the intent of being trained to become a full-time missionary. I graduated in the spring of 2016 and spent a year at home working and saving up the finances in order to attend further training with Ethnos Canada. I am excited for the next part of the journey and what the Lord has in store now and in the future.