Emanate Questions

You may have many questions related to coming to Emanate. We have compiled some of the most frequently asked questions in an effort to help. If you have other questions please contact us.

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There are many churches in Durham and the surrounding area that welcome Emanate students. The amount that one could be involved is only limited to the amount of time one is able to put into it. Many students have created good and lasting relationships with the churches they attended during their time in the training.

No pets are allowed, except for small, flushable fish.

Emanate provides apartments to rent at low cost (rent is part of the tuition costs) for students going through the training. All apartments are on the same property and fully furnished. Students are welcome to bring their own furniture or use the furniture provided. Laundry is also included in the rent payment and is available on campus.

Emanate provides childcare for children ages 0-3 during the 8:00-12:00 class hours (Monday-Friday). The Nursery and Toddler rooms are in the building next door to the training building, allowing mothers who need to feed or take care of their children quick access to them.

Women going through the training are on a weekly rotating schedule to work in childcare. Women staff members also volunteer their time to work in childcare. Ethnos Canada provides a Christian academy for children grades Kindergarten-12.

Emanate expects both husband and wife to participate in all of the classes and do the required homework. The classes start at 8 in the morning and end at noon. This allows parents the necessary time to drop their children off at school and make it in time for their classes at Emanate.

Wives with children do not participate in the Afternoon Work Program. This allows them to be home to take care of their children.

All of the women are also involved with helping in Childcare (children ages 0-3) on a weekly schedule during class time.

Emanate understands that both husbands and wives being in the training can be a sacrifice for some families. However, it is of utmost importance that both go through the entire training to be better equipped as a family unit serving together.

Because so much of the students’ time is spent in class, on Afternoon Work Program, and doing homework, it is highly suggested that you do not work while you are part of the training. This allows students to focus on the training that they are receiving. This also opens up opportunities to be involved with church and the community.

Monday-Friday from 8:00AM-12:00PM students will be in the classroom unless it is a holiday or special event. Men, single women, and married women without children also participate in the Afternoon Work Program on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays from 1:30-5:00pm.

The cost of the training varies depending on each student’s circumstances. To see a full explanation of Emanate’s cost, see our course costs page.

Emanate is an 18 month training course. A new class of students start their training in the fall of each year and finish December of the next year (including Jungle Camp for 6 weeks in the summer). See more about the course here.

You will need about 60 credit hours at a Bible school (about the equivalent of 2 years). Many students come through Ethnos360 Bible Institute before going to Emanate, but you can also meet the requirements at different Bible or Christian colleges or through life and church experience. Learn more about the requirements, training at Emanate, and Ethnos360 Bible Institute.

No, Emanate accepts students from all over the globe. To learn more about the student visa process, contact our admissions team.

Emanate is located in Durham, Ontario, Canada. Read more about our history in Durham.