An Insider’s Look on the Life of the Students

Here at Emanate, the students are in classes from 8-12, Monday through Friday. The layout of these classes has an heavy emphasis on Bible training, methodology, and strategies for church planting. From the outside […]

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Heading into the “Bush”

We often use the term “bush” to describe the jungle or areas where there is heavy forestry. This one term can describe many different environments from the intense jungles of Papua New Guinea to the more […]

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Why Choose Emanate?

You're broken over the reality of 2,500 unreached people groups. You're confident God has called you to "go" and you're excited and ready to follow His leading and start preparing. So why train with Emanate?

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While we mark the milestones that our Emanate students are reaching, it's also good to pull back and see the big picture of God's work and incredible faithfulness to NTM teams all around the world.

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Pomp and Ceremony

The countdown to graduation has begun here in Durham! Right now, plans are being made for a celebration of God's faithfulness to our seven graduating students. However, there is another recent graduation that we are thrilled to share with you.

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An American in Durham

I didn’t realize that I could come to love another culture as much as my own!
Who knew that after living here in Canada for three years that I would feel just as at home […]

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“We are your new big family”

Wes and Tenley Jank, alumnis of Canada, spent two years of waiting on the Lord and His plan before they finally arrived in Paraguay on September 3rd.

Even after training and preparing for church […]

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Saying Goodbye

We are so grateful for the friendships our children made, and that they were given tools to be able to say good-bye, and leave a place well. God loves our kids more than we […]

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The Changes We Make

When I thought about coming to another country, I knew that I was going to need to change a lot to be effective in that country.  I never really understood what it meant until […]

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