Stepping Out

Today we wrapped up our kick off meetings for another year at Emanate training. We had a great time together reconnecting after the summer and getting ready for another new year! Our returning students […]

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The Language Barrier

Article by Ryan Kurvits
Languages do exactly what God created them to – confuse people. In Genesis 11, God instructed mankind to fill the earth and to spread out after the Flood, but they disobeyed […]

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Lessons from my language helper

I can still remember walking out to Sadu’s field. It happened to be a misty morning which made it cooler than most. I knew that the West African heat would come soon enough though. […]

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This is the season when we celebrate Thanksgiving. For many people, Thanksgiving is just another statutory holiday, a weekend off, and a time to eat a lot of food. It’s also a time to be […]

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Life in Transitions – The Chens

Derek and Chantal Chen are in their final semester at Emanate. While they look forward to what God has for them in the future, they know that there are many more transitions to come.

“Missionary […]

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Focus on Missionary Kids

During their 18 months at Emanate, students spend hours learning about different cultures, the skills needed to learn an unwritten language, Bible translation principles, how to teach literacy, how to go about curriculum development, […]

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This past week I had an opportunity to interview Cam, another of the new Emanate students. It is always neat to see single men choosing to serve the Lord on the mission field and […]

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The Open Doors

Many of us like to use the analogy of “open and closed doors” when we think about the happenings in life.There are many times when we notice that a valid option we had is […]

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Brad and Stephanie

Over the next few weeks we will be introducing you to our new students through short interviews. The first student couple I decided to interview was Brad and Stephanie. Stephanie is someone I knew very […]

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New students prepare to serve

A new semester has begun, and a fresh group of students is here, ready to dive in and prepare for their future sharing the Good News with unreached people groups. This year the new […]

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