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I am from Washington, U.S, I used to be a outdoor climbing guide for juvenile delinquents. That was until I heard about how there are still many unreached and unengaged people groups in this world without the gospel. I left my job to go to one of the Ethnos 360 Bible Schools. After that I came to Emanate Training here in Canada. All in prayerful hopes that I may partake in this endeavor!

Preparation or Qualification?

Is there a distinct difference between preparation and qualification as it relates to becoming a missionary? This is a question that I have been wrestling with for the last few years and even now […]

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Having This Ministry by the Mercy of God…

Well here we are again! Another year has passed and we are coming up to another graduation of students from Emanate. Twenty two of our students are faced with a decision; a choice that […]

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An Insider’s Look on the Life of the Students

Here at Emanate, the students are in classes from 8-12, Monday through Friday. The layout of these classes has an heavy emphasis on Bible training, methodology, and strategies for church planting. From the outside […]

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