About Darcy

After spending some time church planting in west Africa with the Tanda people, my family and I joined Emanate in Canada. Most of my time is spent teaching courses on culture and language acquisition, world view analysis and the Bible.

The Language Barrier

Article by Ryan Kurvits
Languages do exactly what God created them to – confuse people. In Genesis 11, God instructed mankind to fill the earth and to spread out after the Flood, but they disobeyed […]

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Lessons from my language helper

I can still remember walking out to Sadu’s field. It happened to be a misty morning which made it cooler than most. I knew that the West African heat would come soon enough though. […]

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A Fresh Start

There is a curious and awesome thing happening among God’s people, specifically in North America.

Missions, and the work of non-governmental agencies, is exploding. There are hundreds and hundreds of missions, churches and companies doing […]

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Our Top 10 posts of 2014

At the end of the year, it’s good to take a look back and see all that has gone on. We’ve had another great year of getting the word out about equipping for church […]

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Finishing Strong

Finishing well can be the hardest thing that we do. When the Apostle Paul was nearing the end of his life, he reflected on his desire to finish well. 2 Timothy 4:7 reads, “I […]

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The Start of Summer

It’s here.

Winter was so long and hard that many of us thought it would never end. Our students have been anticipating summer and preparing for it. They knew that our Jungle Camp Practicum […]

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Inspired: David Livingstone

“Not a dumpy sort of person with a Bible under his arms, [but someone] serving Christ when shooting a buffalo for my men or taking an observation, [even if some] will consider it not […]

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Do you know who you’re dealing with?

You’ve probably watched a documentary or the news where you see children living in squalor or deep in poverty. Imagine now a child who is constantly possessed by spirits and is falling into fires […]

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Our Provider

God’s provision for us is not always when or how we would like. Mostly we think that our timing is the right timing and that God should get on board with our plans. If […]

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