You’re broken over the reality of 2,500 unreached people groups. You’re confident God has called you to “go” and you’re excited and ready to follow His leading and start preparing.

So why train with Emanate?

What is the value that comes from choosing to train with an organization that has a track-record of 75 years of faithful service? How does the training here at Emanate really stack up to the real life experiences you’ll face when serving among an unreached people group?

Our alumni who are serving all around the world can best speak to the value of the training offered at Emanate.

Katie Sawyer in Paraguay


    One of the reasons I chose Emanate was because I had heard that the smaller size allowed the staff to focus more on personal discipleship, and allowed me to be stretched in my relationship building skills. BOTH of those things have proved to be VERY true and SO useful in my ministry here in Paraguay! Our job is about people coming to know Christ. Building relationships with both them and our co-workers, as well as discipleship, play a HUGE role in what we as NTM do!

– Katie Sawyer, Emanate class of 2010, Serving in Paraguay


    “Our phonetics classes at Emanate, as well as our exposure to the international phonetic alphabet, have been huge assets as we have been working to learn the previously unwritten language of the Iski people. Without that phonetics training, as well as our cross-cultural communications courses, we would have been woefully ill-equipped for the work that we are a part of right now.”

– Seth and Rochelle Callahan, Emanate Class of 2012, Serving in the Iski People, Papua New Guinea

    Not only did I get a good understanding of the bridges and barriers I might encounter when trying to communicate God’s story in a foreign culture, but Emanate prepared me in many other ways as well. I learned real life skills like how to work with a team, how to manage my time (this isn’t a Monday-Friday, 9-5 career), and how to feed myself spiritually when living in a spiritually dry land.

– Amanda H., Emanate Class of 2007, Serving in Southeast Asia

    “Having served cross-culturally for 4 years, coming into the training and learning about my own cultural baggage and the way I think was super beneficial to me! I was certainly more prepared to serve again oversees because of the thorough training we received here at Emanate.”

– Karen Whatley, Emanate Class of 2004, Serving in Canada

Seth Callahan with Iski Man


    We chose to go through Emanate because we recognized that the diversity of training that ranges from culture and language acquisition to interpersonal relationship skills would suit us in whatever field God chose to direct us to. Emanate not only trains you in Bible and in Cross Cultural Church planting, but they also focus on interpersonal relationship skills which are a vital part of keeping missionaries on the field.

– John and Krista Poidevin, Emanate Class of 2015, Headed to Tanzania, Africa

    “The intentionally holistic approach to the training helped prepare me for life in Papua New Guinea where I live on a large base with my family. I’ve come to appreciate not just the classroom training, but also other aspects including the challenge to chose a new skill to acquire during each semester that would be helpful on the foreign field, as well as work detail, and the conversations that would unfold naturally as we lived in close community.

– Brent Ristau, Emanate Class of 2014, NTM Aviation Pilot serving in Papua New Guinea

    “The focus on a personal walk with Christ, viewing ministry as integral to every aspect of life, and realistic expectations regarding ministry in a foreign context are all things we have found extremely beneficial. Along with the technical knowledge and skills learned at Emanate, we find the perspective on life and ministry that we gained there to be essential to all aspects of our work.”

– Greg and Katie R., Emanate Class of 2007, Serving in Southeast Asia Region


    “The training was a huge turning point in my life! It transformed my view of God and who He is. How I think about God has been the most important tool I received during my time at Emanate. When life has seemed overwhelming and it seemed like there was no way forward, I was able to depend on God, because I knew Him.”

– Jacob Devine, Emanate Class of 2008, Serving in Sepik Region, Papua New Guinea

    Emanate was an incredible, life-changing experience for me as God used the the many teamwork situations I encountered to reveal the selfishness and pride in my life. It was this awareness that I needed to let God start preparing me for the many teams I would come to be involved in. The mission field is full of many different personalities and characters and we will not love all of them! But we CAN know unity together as we walk with the Lord and practice humility and selflessness as Christ did for us.

– Julie Koop, Emanate Class of 2005, Serving at NTMC Headquarters, Canada