Looking at the big picture means recognizing the immensity of God’s plan for reaching the nations. His work involves so much more than any one person, team, or training centre.

Here at Emanate, we are grateful that God has allowed us to equip students from many different countries. Our current class alone includes students who grew up in the United States, Paraguay, Venezuela, Guatemala, and of course, Canada.

Emanate students during Phonetics Class

2017 Emanate students during Phonetics class.

However, our Emanate students are just one unit in the bigger team that God is engaging and equipping in NTM training centres all over the world.

This month, our students start a new class on Foundations of Church Planting, examining how to utilize an understanding of worldview to present the chronological Bible teaching and emphasize the doctrine of salvation by grace through faith throughout the Old Testament teaching. This course will lay the groundwork for a closer of examination of the animistic worldview.

At the same time, there are hundreds of students at NTM training centres around the world, preparing to serve alongside our students one day.

Students at Mexico program

Students at the NTM training centre in Mexico.

These are our students’ future co-workers and teammates, serving together in the task of reaching every people group with the gospel!

Students at NTM training Centre in Mexico

Check out a few of the student profiles below and join us in praying for all of the men and women around the world who are training to GO to the least reach people groups in the world!

Mexican NTM StudentsCindy de la Torre Sanchez is studying at Instituto Misionaro Transcultural, NTM’s training centre in Mexico.

Nationality: Mexico

Why train with NTM? “I’m so happy to be a part of an organization that is committed to carry the gospel where they have never heard and emphasizes that the people really understand it, teaching it in their language and culture. Not only that but also emphasizing making disciples and that there may be a church there able to reproduce.”

Current Classes: Worldview and Culture, Teamwork, Firm Foundations (Chronological Bible Teaching), Grammar, Singles in Ministry, Parenting on the Mission Field.

Favourite Class: Christian life – “It helped me to better understand the new and abundant life in Christ and to take care and focus in my relationship with Him.”


Bloyes FamilyMyles, Coryn, Teaghan Bloyes are training in NTM’s missionary aviation program in South Africa.

Nationality: South African

About Us: Prior to going into missionary training and flight training, I (Myles) worked as a business manager and Coryn trained as an Interior and Graphic designer. After feeling that God wanted me to go into missionary aviation, I started working towards my pilots and mechanical licenses.

Why Train and Serve with NTM? “I like New Tribes Missions approach for reaching the lost. They have a passion to see lives saved. I also like that they want you to become a part of their team, regardless of which aspect of ministry you will be serving in. I get the impression that everyone is working together to achieve the common purpose of saving souls. As a pilot, I do not just want to be a taxi driver; I want to be involved in the missionary process.


Colombian studentsJenny Carolina Bulla Triviño is studying at Instituto Misionero Nuevos Horizontes, NTM’s training centre in Colombia.

About Me: I’m married to Daniel Lancero and we are both from Colombia. Before beginning the training here at the institute, I was studying ecological engineering.

Where do you hope to serve? “My Husband and I want to serve the Lord in the Middle East or Southeast Asia, taking the gospel to an unreached people group.”

Favourite Class: Ephesians and Christian Life both taught me to understand my position and the blessings that I have in Christ, and stressed the usefulness of the armor of the believer.


Alberto and ArmeniaAlberto Martinez Miguel and Armenia Moreno Rodriguez are studying at Instituto Misionaro Transcultural, NTM’s training centre in Mexico.

About Us: We are both from Mexico and we have three children. Before coming to train here, Alberto worked for the Secretaría de Comunicaciones y Obras Públicas (SCOP) and Armenia was a housewife.

Where do you hope to serve? “We hope to serve among the Zapotec people in Oaxaca, Mexico”

Favourite Classes: Firm Foundations helped us realize how to teach unbelievers and new believers to understand the Bible. Also, we learned that it is very important to understand and analyze the culture before preparing the lessons for people who have not heard.