A young, recently married couple walked into the classroom for Emanate’s orientation. He was Canadian, she was American, and each had very different cultural backgrounds. With a few months of marriage under their belt and still being in their early twenties, they were excited about a lifetime of learning ahead of them. They knew they would be equipped with many technical and practical skills for living overseas, but would the classes be enough?

While the training that goes on in the classroom is very important and an essential part of sending out missionaries, we have also realized the equal importance of it continuing outside the classroom.

As part of the body of Christ, we know that many needs of preparing to be a missionary and needs of every day life cannot be met in the classroom. Our desire for our students is that they leave Emanate training not only prepared for “textbook missionary life” but for real life-on-life situations as well. That is why we have devoted part of the time in training to a discipleship program called One on One.

Once a week, designated staff and students meet with each other outside of the classroom to learn more about the other as a person and friend. This can be a valuable time of mutual encouragement. The staff’s desire is to be there for the students as a support and mentor. The relationship grows only as much as each puts into it, but even still, it is a great way to connect with the teachers as fellow co-workers in Christ.

As the students continue on with the training, deep friendships can be formed between them and the staff that they meet with. Having One on One helps students apply many of the principles that are learned in class to everyday situations. It also allows them to have mentors, who have faced many of the same situations, to walk with them through the different stages of learning.

For individuals and couples of all ages, the discipleship that we encourage and display gives our training a different level than the classroom setting allows. We believe it also falls in line with Scripture when Jesus says to “Go and make disciples” (Matthew 28:19). This is what we want our students to initiate one day in a tribal context.