At the end of the year, it’s good to take a look back and see all that has gone on. We’ve had another great year of getting the word out about equipping for church planting among unreached people groups. This is our third year of blogging, and with each year, we’ve had more and more visitors to our site. Check out this year’s top blog posts below.

1. 5 Reasons Not to Become a Missionary

2. How to Know God Wants You to be a Missionary

3. Women in Ministry

4. Something Happened on The Way to West Africa

5. An American in Durham

6. 5 Steps to Choosing Field of Ministry

7. The Sad List

8. Jungle Camp Experience

9. Is he Worth it?

10. Our Provider

Our hope is that you have an awesome new year and we look forward to seeing you here again in 2015.