I didn’t realize that I could come to love another culture as much as my own!

Who knew that after living here in Canada for three years that I would feel just as at home as I do in the United States.  In fact, sometimes when I go back to my home country, I even feel some slight culture shock! Crazy, eh?

I understand that Canadian culture is very similar to American culture, though there are definitely distinct differences.  Though it took awhile to get used to a new currency, new provinces and cities, new historical terms, new jargon, French on labels and signs, Timmies, toonies, loonies, Harper, Mercer, toques, Bloc Québécois, Iqaluit, Inuktitut, poutine, CIBC, CRA, OPP, CBC, etc. It all feels normal now.


We found an Inukshuk during the ladies’ hike along the Georgian Bay.

I’m encouraged that someday when we move to a non-Western country, where I don’t speak the language, and where everything is different than Canada or the United States, I can learn to become at home there, too! It’s possible to adopt another culture as your own! It’s possible to enjoy living somewhere that is completely foreign and uncomfortable at first, and now I know that.

I think that living and training in Canada has helped prepare me to live overseas in several ways. It has revealed to me my American worldview; has taught me that patriotism is not always good when building relationships with those in another culture. I’ve learned to laugh at my cultural mistakes and blunders, as well as laugh instead of being offended when people say stuff about Americans. I’m now comfortable with visas, border crossings, and visiting embassies. I’m also getting the feel of what it’s like not living in the same country as my family.

In the end, it doesn’t matter what country I’m from, living in, or going to, as earth is not our home! In reality, my citizenship lies in heaven! My heart’s desire is to tell people the good news of Jesus Christ so their citizenship can be there, too.

Think living in another country is impossible? Join the impossible!